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Hydrogen solutions for your industrial processes


Piel electrolysers have achieved proven results from over 1000 installations worldwide.


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Piel by McPhy offers a completely on‑demand energy source.

The experience of McPhy Energy, leader in zero-emission hydrogen solutions, guides us in the design of hydrogen and oxygen generators for light industry production.


Our Piel product line was born from application experience in different industrial sectors.
With its range of hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen generators, combined with a complete offering of accessories and services, Piel aspires to become the reference hydrogen brand for light industry.

Induction welding

Piel’s technology assists induction soldering systems used in optical instruments. During welding, a zone protected by an inert atmosphere is created, which includes a mixture containing hydrogen. This method allows you to avoid the use of liquid fluxes and the further pickling process.

High precision

Heating – melting – cutting operations

Piel electrolysers guarantee high precision flames, which allows the heated area of the pieces to be reduced to a minimum to obtain the best results during the processing phase.

maximum speed

Cutting – treatment – processing

Thanks to the high purity of Piel oxygen (99.5%), all metal cutting operations can be performed with maximum precision and speed.
The Piel equipment is also ideal for powering furnaces for the treatment of metals in a controlled atmosphere. With Piel, metalworking can take advantage of hydrogen and oxygen powered torches, a flexible solution free from the constraints of bottled gas. Among their advantages are flame regulation and deoxidation.

Weather balloons

The hydrogen produced on site is used to fill weather balloons at meteorological institutes.

welding and brassing

Piel technology has been consolidated starting from the goldsmith’s sector, the treatment of precious metals and metallurgy, covering a wide spectrum of applications ranging from welding and brazing to the high fashion industry.

maximum safety

The electronics industry, traditionally limited to the treatment of metallic materials, can take advantage of the very high purity of Piel hydrogen (up to 99.999%). Which guarantees maximum safety in the production process, making it a preferable solution to traditional systems.







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