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The art of plastics

L.A.R needed a support infrastructure for its main activity: cutting and processing various materials, particularly metals. Therefore, they chose a product offered by Piel by McPhy, turning for the first time to hydrogen-powered technology.


In recent years, the company has faced significant challenges related to the efficiency of production processes, which it has traditionally focused on to maximize quality standards.

Specifically, there was a need to adopt an innovative solution to optimize metal processing and cutting processes. The main goal of this integration was to reduce energy consumption and associated costs.


Piel by McPhy integrated the electrolyzer that was deemed, after careful evaluation of production parameters, most suitable for the needs and goals of L.A.R. Thanks to the Piel by McPhy M product, L.A.R can now produce on-site the quantity of hydrogen necessary for the production phases specifically dedicated to metal cutting, one of the industrial activities for which the product is designed and engineered.

Integrating infrastructure directly into the laboratories has allowed cutting costs related to the transport and maintenance of pressurized oxygen cylinders.


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