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Case Studies of Diax


Industrial Group

The Diax industrial group chose Piel by McPhy’s hydrogen and oxygen generation technology for electrolysis to equip its line of diamond tools for sintering. The implementation phase was conducted entirely remotely by McPhy teams in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Diax, an industrial company based in Bosnia, selected the complete line of Piel by McPhy hydrogen and nitrogen generators to equip its diamond tools for sintering.

Sintering is the process of compacting and forming a solid mass of material that, through heat or pressure, reaches the point of liquefaction. The equipment supplied by Diax ensures that the entire powder sintering process is supported by clean energy.


By integrating the complete line of Piel equipment, Diax chose to produce its own hydrogen on-site to free itself from the costly and polluting logistical constraints related to the transport of pressurized hydrogen cylinders.

The commissioning and startup phases of Piel products were conducted entirely remotely. The operation, concluded at the end of April 2020, was made possible by the digital supervision modules integrated into Piel by McPhy equipment, which allow for real-time data collection or remote interaction with the equipment, for example, to perform preventive or corrective maintenance.


The Piel by McPhy team was able to quickly start up the line of equipment remotely and supervise the necessary maintenance, despite the imposed constraints.

Preventive and corrective maintenance on production equipment has allowed Diax to save on travel time and responsiveness.

Preventive and corrective maintenance on production equipment allowed Diax to save on travel times and responsiveness, gaining greater flexibility and drastically improving the efficiency and profitability of the hydrogen production and storage system.


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