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Customer satisfaction is one of our main priorities. Piel by McPhy complements its product range with a wide array of post-sales services.

Piel by McPhy Customer Service

Our approach is oriented towards “creating value”: we design, produce, and install hydrogen solutions adapted to your objectives and needs.
Our vision is pragmatic: we put our experience and expertise at the service of your energy efficiency and productivity.

Thanks to its three customer support centers in Italy, France, and Germany, McPhy is able to provide its customers with the support they need throughout the duration of their projects.

We guarantee


Training for maintenance and installation of equipment


Assistance in maintenance operations

Additional study

Additional study for work phases


Support during administrative authorization phases

McVision Supervision Service

A solution for electrolyzers and service stations that includes alarm reports, monitoring of production and distribution parameters, and reporting.

What are the main advantages of a hydrogen solution?

As a versatile energy carrier, hydrogen is playing a key role in the global energy transition. It can be transformed into clean fuel to power hydrogen vehicles, injected into gas networks, used as a raw material in industry, or as an energy storage solution to provide the necessary flexibility for intelligent network monitoring.
Being a zero-emission solution that bridges various energy networks, hydrogen adds flexibility, energy performance, and local value creation to the energy mix.

Why prefer on-demand production of H2, N2, and O2 over using technically stored pressurized gasses?

Because a solution like Piel by McPhy ensures advantages covering safety needs (absence of pressurized gas), economic benefits (no insurance and payback period under 3 years), and quality (use of green gas from renewable sources).

Can a Piel solution be installed in an outdoor environment?

Piel by McPhy solutions adapt perfectly to external environmental conditions, as they are designed to operate where the ambient temperature ranges between 3°C and 43°C. In some cases, a simple ventilated/heated cover may be necessary.

Can the Piel solution work with renewable sources?

McPhy’s Piel solutions are designed to rapidly adjust to fluctuations in both input and output loads, common in renewable energy setups and on-demand industrial processes, respectively.


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