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Piel by Mcphy contribution to zero emissions

Piel Sustainability

Thanks to the electrolysis process, Piel by McPhy facilitates the large-scale integration of clean energy into the energy mix.

In the context of the rapid and growing spread of renewable energies, whose impact is generally unpredictable, the use of hydrogen proves to be among the most flexible and competitive solutions.

Towards a Carbon-Free Future

Produced through water electrolysis, hydrogen plays a central role in the new energy landscape based on decarbonization and renewable sources. Piel by McPhy equipment helps to reduce carbon emissions in the fight against pollution and global warming.

Hydrogen: Clean Energy

As a designer, manufacturer, and integrator of electrolyzers and hydrogen stations, the McPhy industrial group leverages its expertise in hydrogen technologies to offer a complete range of products and services with high standards of safety, quality, and performance. The energy obtained is always clean: it does not generate carbon during its production or use.

Hydrogen: Agile Energy

Hydrogen is one of the necessary resources for developing a low-carbon society model. The technology employed is alkaline hydrolysis, an indispensable solution for producing “carbon-free” hydrogen from renewable energy.

Piel’s Sustainable Strategy

Piel by McPhy pursues all necessary actions to meet the CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) requirements.

Solar Panel

Our commitment to environmental safeguarding is based on five pillars: use of eco-sustainable buildings, reduction of packaging, energy efficiency, promotion of low-impact transport, and circularity.

Gene who makes a team

Piel, along with the entire McPhy group, has decided to prioritize inclusion and gender equality not just as principles but through practical actions. Additionally, the group elevates employee voices by developing annual action plans to implement improvement measures.


McPhy reaffirms its commitment to promoting the essential pillars of sustainable governance within its organization through the adoption of a rigorous policy that guides daily choices and activities. This policy aims to encourage ethical behavior among our employees and stakeholders.


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